Average American Debt

Well, it might be a bit too much to start off with such a theme: debt, but it's a current one and a bit scary if you look at it. It's surprising that the average American ends up in such conditions in such a short amount of time. Taken that they're not all obligatory expenditures, it's still frightening that this is a reality for so many. It's fine if the income is superior to what's spent but being in debt so early as age 20? Kinda like being enslaved right at the start of your adult life!

It would be great if it ended right there, you ask for a loan towards your studies and you pay it when you get your 1st real job, but what really is scary is that it only gets worse and worse, adding up with car, taxes, marriage(although this one can be adverted of course) and to top it all off house mortgage.

The graph speaks for itself but it makes me wonder on how does the average American still survives in the middle of all this and how can it be that it's allowed. It seems, by a quick look at things that this system is almost conceived so that you can't get rid of it easily and just keep paying up.