10 facts about Guiness

I thought that dedicating a post to one of the most, if not the most renown and popular beer in the world would be something nice. Guiness' brand is famous, no doubt and personally I think it is indeed a fine beer so why not go over some interesting facts about the brand and the beer itself of course.

It's interesting and fascinating to see that for example in 1888 Guiness had the largest brewery in the world, which is quite amazing for a feat. Another interesting thing, that shows something tht s quite unusual either for the time or even the present is that they gave out free beer to the British soliders fighting in the war, taken it's that much of a gift during a war but still marketing scheme or not it was nice of them to do so.

It's a well known fact that the Irish love beer and it seems half of that love is reserved for Guiness beer, I won't criticize it though! Not that the whole 10 facts aren't interesting but a final one worth mentioning would be that a pint of Guiness has less calories than the same amount of orenge juice, now that is something I was not expecting since we're taught that alcohol has lots of calories and so on and then I'm shown that something that we suppose to be less caloric reveals itself like this! Interesting!