When too much alcohol is...too much

Alcohol when drank in moderate doses can help in things like confidence, relaxing, loosening up a bit in social environments. Speaking by experience it helped me achieve some things but, and there's always a but to it, I lost many others and made myself look like a fool some other times.

It would be a nice trade off if it was only just a question of social silliness and appearing like a clown, it goes deeper than that more specifically health and related subjects. This Infograph here is quite explanatory of such problems derived from too much alcohol ingestion. It's astonishing to see how it can make so much damage, not only to men but women too.

For example let's take into account the effects on sexual related organs and systems, it interferes with the some of the core things that makes a man, well, a man, reproductive system, impotence, infertility, reduced beard and chest hair! Well, I don't know about others out there but I like my beard and chest hair thank you! One other scary fact is that 90% of the alcohol consumed by youth under 21 is bing drinks! Now this is worrying, although I was once part of such statistics life taught me that it wasn't good to be on the 90% side and seeing this value so high makes me wonder where's the control most of the time and where's the education by parents to at least "scare" youths to be a little less inconsiderate of their own health.

Car crashes and accidents in general, due to alcohol are a daily thing still avoidable and perfectly idiotic to still occur. As for women statistics showing how drinking too much is, even though not in a direct way, responsible for spreading STD's is another concerning thing, specially in this day and age when so much time, money and resources is spent on awareness.


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