Organized Crime

Crime has been part of us as human race since the dawn of our times. I would risk it and say it's in our nature, big or small crimes, greater or lesser will to do it. So, knowing this we, as intelligent beings develop justice, authorities and a bunch of other systems and methods to deal with this, by punishment mostly.

Now days a good penal system, organized police force as well as judges, courts, prisons, fees and lawyers are all part of a greater system called the law. Well a normal, respectful, well adjusted citizen would go on about his/her life without having to deal with such things as long as no borders are crossed, well that works for most of the people but there will always be criminals. And thats where I want to get to, because as it seems crime can be a profession too and it seems to move a lot of money doing so.

This infograph shows what, who and where do the biggest organizations, yes they can organize themselves just like any other professional person, operate. Many of them, if not all, made famous by movies, mainly the italian mafia of course. But not only them hold business in the organized crime scene and they certainly don't seem to cover all of its "fields". The russian, the mexican, chinese and japanese all hold expertise in some areas of illegal activity. And it's not the ranks numbers that surprise me but rather the massive amount of money made through such activities it's astonishing.

In a way they help keep the world spinning, although in a completely wrong way to do it, but the money flows and families are fed, many at the cost of other lives which is just unethical. It's an interesting graph and even a bit shocking but worth it.