Brands and Companies

In today's modern society we seem to be, no we really are in fact, surrounded by brands and companies, multinationals and their products. We consume a lot, spend a lot and so there are of course a lot of products and things to choose from to meet demand. We go our daily lives buying X brand of car and buying Y movie, eating this drinking that; And we never actually think or even care about if all these products are connected somehow. And well, they are.

It's quite fascinating to see that what we think are isolated things are actually part of such a diverse network where in the end they all end up having a relation with other companies. I've got to admit I had a few minutes of fun looking into this one and trying to find how could I get from food to electronics or some other unrelated subjects.

Even though many of them have no "direct" connection it's still worth of notice how actually what we think are concurrent companies or rivals are really just a part of a greater machine which in turn just makes me wonder if they all just don't concur in many of the prices, practices and campaigns they hold because in the end they all "feed" off each other apparently.

It's a pretty interesting graph to look upon for the simple fact that you can get astonished by the relationships that are going on in the big business world.