Pacific garbage patch

Now this one genuinely surprised me. I've heard of all the garbage we are collecting in outer space, all of it buried in huge deposits on land but I had no clue such a thing existed at sea. But it's not the fact that it exists that I was most surprised about but rather its sheer size! 3 times the size of the Iberic Peninsula, now that's huge! It's worth mentioning that it's not "directly" formed by us but rather a group of other factors such as currents in the pacific, still worrying.

Although this is pretty serious and should be a worry for us, I at least think it's better like this that all the debris and trash that gets to the sea by sewers and rivers actually gathers itself in one place only instead of being scattered around a greater area. It is however worrying that such thing exists and I must assume it's not getting any smaller but rather on the contrary getting bigger, it's not because it can't decompose and transform into something at least useful to the planet but because the speed at which it happens is so much lower than the speed at which it's produced.

It's a great eye opener and let's hope it doesn't end up like some of India's rivers.