Snake Oil?

We all came across some of these, or maybe not, at some point in our lives either we were searching for them or not but truth is supplements are a daily product we come across, either inside our food or in a more direct form, things like vitamins, plants and another whole array of things that supposedly are good for us.

No matter how many and how much brands, people and whatever more comes along try to sell these to you promising great results, and quick too, it's always worth taking a look at what is it that you're really falling for and if it works. So, I thought this was a very useful Infograph it's simple, colorful and actually educational. So basically it shows how popular something and places it among a scale of proven effects backed by evidences.

Some things are worth noticing, mainly that it seems that people are actually making informed choices and that's quite simply great! The supplements with the higher demand volume are, for the great part, ones with the most proven evidence of their effects! Sure there are still some stray cats but nothing really bad I mean there seems to be some evidence for Goji and Ginseng, popular natural products from the East, so it's nothing really bad and could actually help people even if it's just a sort of placebo.

It is actually pretty nice to see such a distribution of interest meaning people in general don't seem that much dumb as some marketers and shady sellers on the internet think they are, promising everything and then more. A proof that informed consumers do indeed make better choices.