Genetics and Humankind

Now this is something that some people would like to completely deny that it's true. Plain and simple, shows that we basically came from the same common ancestor and due to location, climate, food, well a lot of factors, evolved and went our "separate ways".

Genetics once again coming and showing the world we come from the same place! Must be a slap in the face for some. And it's interesting to see how diverse, and creative in fact, nature and the environment and of course us as a specie  end up being if the result is such diversity in shape, size, color everything from skin to body type to hair and eyes differs because some of us needed to survive harsh conditions, cold, heat and other natural things.

But it's not just he common 1 ancestor that's interesting also the common "sub" ancestors like for a quick example one shared between Indians, Italians and Greeks and the differences between them are noticeable!

There's not much to say or explain about this one, worth mentioning how we can all go into 8 different groups and still end up all different from each other, quite a feat!


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