Body language

Language. One of humanity's greatest achievements is the ability to communicate, sound, gestures, we got around to build a lot, conquer a lot and get to this point of development by working together and communicating.

Language is a core part of communication and without it it would be hard. But language isn't bound to a verbal thing only, language can be physical, written, basically anything where we can express yourselves. So why not have a type of language of the body itself? It's something with which we can indeed express what we want to, right? Well there is a body language, the body can indeed "talk" and it's quite interesting when one can indeed interpret it.

So this is what this short infograph is about, a few body signs that if read right can give you an edge at some point! Of course there are a lot more ways for the body to show something but these are already quite interesting, and it says right there that the body can indeed produce 700,000 different signs, it's a whole language to be learned but if you do it you'll end up like those mentalists guys that can "read your mind" when in fact they're just paying extreme attention to what your body is saying instead of your mouth.

Take a look at it, I found it curious and interesting!