Billionaires and you

Today I bring you a curiosity infograph rather than a useful one, doesn't mean however it's not worth looking into! So it's basically the distribution of wealth at a global scale and who in the world actually holds it and where.

For the grand majority of the common folk this is more rage inducing than anything I mean, looking at these numbers and seeing how it seems to concentrate on just a handful of companies can be outrageous. Firstly there's the most evident thing to be noticed which is that most of the money seems to be held by United States companies the big ones everyone knows and hears about adding to that the fact that from 300 billionaires about a third are from that same country just tells us that well, the US are doing great I suppose. It's interesting to note that from those 300, only 110 became billionaires by inheritance, seems like the other guys are working for their money. But then as it can be seen only 29 of them are women, which can mean 2 things either they're just picking up pace because for many years working rights for both weren't exactly the same, or that they still struggle a lot.

Worth mentioning that most of these companies are IT and technologies related meaning we really are in a technological era of growth, everyone get on the bandwagon!


Danny Garcia disse...

Not counting the black market? There are several russian billionaires.

ramos89 disse...

I'm one of the billionaires, lololo NOOOOOOOOOOT! :P