Time Traveling

Time traveling, we've all wished for it to be real sometime sadly it might be years away. Not being a reality however, doesn't stop people from creating its paradoxes, theories and speculations of the intricate how's of its work. Even though no one as ever experienced it, scientists and other figures have studied and researched the subject and came up with ways to explain the dangers, consequences and benefits of time traveling.

The concept can be simple enough for the common folk, I mean, all we have to do is get in a box/cabin/machine tell it where and when to go and you're there. Thing is, it's way more complicated specially when it comes to alter our own past. Let's try and think logically, say you build a time machine, you go back to a certain point in your life and meet or help your past self, what happens is a paradox right here, if you met yourself at some point in your life, wouldn't you remember it in the present? Or if you go and alter something in your past, will you build or have the machine still? What if you never took the decision to build it? Would you still alter the past?

See now this is where Einstein's multiverse theory comes into play, saying that there's an infinite number of realities all parallel to each other and every time you make a decision another one is created. This would fit quite well and fix the paradoxes, because you'd be simply creating more versions of reality but only remaining conscious of one at a time.

This one infograph doesn't talk about multiverses but it implies them, it's a bit confusing maybe at a first read but understandable. Basically it creates an universe where a version of you is "stuck" in a cycle of getting into the time travel box and getting out of it while a version that did take advantage of the machine, well goes of to win a lot of money in the stock market!