Html5 and what does it bring

It's all the rage on the Internet right now and it's slowly being adopted as the next standard when it comes to how web pages are created. For the tech savvy, developers and people that like the backstage it's already known for it's new features and rewritten tags, but for the vast majority of the Internet it's just a new name to watch out for. Well, in my field we need to be constantly up to date when it comes to updates and new technology so I've already had my contact with htlm5 and find it great and it's really a good step forward. So, I found this to be a great infograph to just explain what exactly is coming our way and why should we care. Without going into overly complicated terms and names, it simply gives a general idea of what's new, why is it a good thing and how will it affect the end user.

Browser compatibility is a big issue right now when it comes to html5 for the simple fact that, not being a standard yet, the developers are not really "concerned" that they're browsers can't use html5 to it's fullest. But gladly many of them are actually preparing for it, already have most of the support it needs and just a bit more tweaking is needed for them to have a fully functional html5 compatible browser. One thing to notice which can be interesting is the fact that open source Firefox had a pretty compatible browser already earlier than Microsoft, a fully grown, tech giant.

Lastly we can take a look at some of the aspects that currently have Flash and html5 battling each other head on, simply because html5 comes in to lighten up the Internet from flash's heavy burden, but each has it's advantages and disadvantages and it's still early to judge or decide on a winner, it might just turn out that there's enough room for everyone.


ramos89 disse...

Yep i think it is step forward too, it will be good for everybody! :)